Tourism and Mobility in the Mediterranean: the UTC POLICY BRIEF #2 is out!

Tourism and mobility in the Mediterranean. Sustainable mobility solutions for a greener & respectful experience living in and visiting the Mediterranean. This is the topic of the second Policy Brief issued by the Urban Transports Community. In this document, the UTC proposes some recommendations based on the on-the-ground experiences.

The growth of touristic activity in European destinations has put the focus on tourism mobility as one of the main technical and political issues to be considered.

Tourism and mobility cannot be detached from each other, they must be considered as interdependent phenomena. Therefore, there is a claim to match strategies and programmes to pursue an integrated common agenda for sustainability and green development at all political levels.

The UTC Policy Brief #2, led by the Urban Transport Community, aims to set the basis for building this common agenda by identifying the main trends, challenges and goals regarding tourism mobility in Euro-Mediterranean regions and urban areas. The brief highlights a broad agenda of political recommendations at the local, regional, state and EU level.

Finally, some of the most relevant good practices from the Urban Transports Community are presented.

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