The Urban Transports Community pathway towards sustainable mobility in the Mediterranean

To improve sustainable mobility in Mediterranean cities, the Urban Transports Community (UTC) - a peer-learning initiative in the domain of urban mobility involving Mediterranean cities, promoted by the Interreg Med Programme - will leverage on the results, expertise and knowledge of its member organisations who have been actively engaged in Interreg MED territorial cooperation projects on sustainable urban mobility since November 2016.

The most innovative and engaged cities of the Urban Transports Community, which were pioneers in the implementation of sustainable mobility solutions, will support other territories in developing and improving their own sustainable urban mobility solutions. These Pioneer Cities will be identified during a series of interviews with the Interreg MED modular projects conducted by Area Science Park (UTC partner in charge of Transferring). Pioneer Cities will accompany  a selection of eight Replicating Cities in adapting some of the measures they have already implemented and tested, and in harnessing the potential of the expertise and knowledge made available by the whole Community.

Replicating Cities will be selected through a public call by the end of 2020, and will benefit from the assistance of the whole Urban Transports Community. More specifically, they will have the possibility to explore the tools developed by the Community and made available  on the MedUrbanTools platform as well as studies and in-depth reports drafted by the project partners. They will also be invited to study visits, workshops, webinars, peer-to-peer exchanges and will benefit from the assistance of a dedicated mentor all along 2021 and beginning of 2022. Mentors will be accurately selected and hired by the UTC amongst mobility planners and practitioners that best suit the exigencies of the Replicating Cities in implementing their own sustainable urban mobility solutions.

The last phase of the project will capitalise - under the coordination of Civinet CY-EL -  the results achieved by the Replicating Cities together with the Pioneer Cities and Mentors. The project will  promote changes to local and European policies and at transnational cooperation level. The Community project partnership will also organise a summer school for “future leader of inclusive and sustainable development” and different European and Mediterranean events involving mobility stakeholders from both shores of the Sea to foster their commitment for a more sustainable urban mobility. The final results and recommendations emerging from this process will be wrapped-up in policy briefs and reports and disseminated digitally and throughout all our Community events.

The Urban Transports Community is an Interreg MED Programme initiative launched in November 2016 and renewed in October 2019 till June 2022. The Community is promoting sustainable urban mobility planning in the Euro-Mediterranean region as an effective tool to reduce carbon emissions and improve the quality of life of the population and the environment.

Since November 2016, the Community featured by a horizontal project has gathered seven territorial cooperation projects co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and almost 100 organisations (public authorities, private companies, universities, NGOs and international organisations) from 12 Euro-Mediterranean countries. In this second phase the Community has the opportunity to bring the capitalisation process to the next level by providing local authorities with a tailor-made support to implement the replicable solutions developed and tested by our Community.

The Urban Transports Community is featured by a project lead by MedCities (Barcelona, Spain), in partnership with UNIMED Mediterranean Universities Union (Rome, Italy),  Area Science Park (Trieste, Italy), CODATU (Lyon, France), CIVINET CY-EL (Cyprus-Greece), POLIS, Cities and Regions for transport innovation (Brussels, Belgium), and Durres Municipality (Durres, Albania).