#4 _ SOFT MOBILITY in Mediterranean cities

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The Urban Transports Community aims to mainstream good mobility practices developed in the frame of the Interreg MED Programme. To achieve this goal, a series of thematic webinars will be conducted under the name “Implementing Sustainable Mobility in the Mediterranean”, addressing the 5 thematic focus of the urban Transport Community focus on the Mediterranean area: shared mobility, soft mobility, Data & ICT for smart traffic management, mobility in tourist areas and new planning approaches to mobility. The webinars will include presentations of concrete solutions developed by pioneer cities. Target audience are all public entities with competence in urban mobility, which are eligible to apply for participation in the public call.

The keynote presentation will be exploring the concept of integrated cycling policies. Esther Anaya Boig, cycling consultant and researcher with more than 15 years of experience in cycling mobility, will introduce the integrated cycling policy framework that explores the different dimensions of cycling mobility to be integrated when designing policies. Beyond infrastructure, the framework explores the role of regulations, training and coaching, governance, communication, social and cultural movements, and planning instruments. The goal of this framework is not only to create more effective cycling policies but to make them more equitable, by focusing on providing access to cycling for all, rather than just promotion. When applied to specific cases, this framework allows to categorize policies and evaluate the level of integration and accomplishment on each of the dimensions of cycling mobility.

City solutions featured

>  Municipality of Durres: Bike lane network extension

Presented by Ms Aurora Pilinci

>  Area Metropolitana of Barcelona: Metropolitan bike lane network

Presented by Ms Mariona Conill

>  Misano - Adriatico: Bike lane upgrade

Presented by Mr Marco Affronte and Alberto Rossini




> Josep Canals, Secretary General of MedCities

> Laia Vinyes, Project officer of MedCities



“The Integrated Cycling Policy Framework”, Esther Anaya, soft mobility expert



> Aurora Pilinci, Mobility expert at Durres Municipality - “Bike lane network extension”

> Mariona Conill, Mobility Department AMB - “Metropolitan bike lane network”

> Marco Affronte & Alberto Rossini, Mobility unit of Misano - Adriatico - “Bike lane upgrade”





Full agenda available here.