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The Urban Transports Community aims to mainstream good mobility practices developed in the frame of the Interreg MED Programme. To achieve this goal, a series of thematic webinars will be conducted under the name “Implementing Sustainable Mobility in the Mediterranean”, addressing the 5 thematic focus of the urban Transport Community focus on the Mediterranean area: shared mobility, soft mobility, Data & ICT for smart traffic management, mobility in tourist areas and new planning approaches to mobility. The webinars will include presentations of concrete solutions developed by pioneer cities. Target audience are all public entities with competence in urban mobility, which are eligible to apply for participation in the public call.

The keynote presentation will be showing the innovations in terms of planning of urban Mobility. Thibaut DESCROUX, Project Manager in urban planning and mobility that worked on the articulation of urban planning and transport planning in mediterranean cities, will introduce the new approaches of urban mobility planning in Europe. Through the concept of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan, the key speaker will explain the interdependence between the two scales of planning approach by insisting on the holistic approach needed for raise the needs and interests of people moving within a urban area scale and the targeted solutions for specific attraction areas that gather a great number of people.

The focus will be set on the integrated planning approach that involves citizens and all concerned stakeholders to truly plan for people with people.

City solutions featured

> City of Treviso: Suburb requalification

Presented by Ms Francesca Liguori

> Thessaloniki Municipality: Thessaloniki road redesign

Presented by Ms. Anastasia Poupkou

> Athens University: Mobility Plans ins University Campuses

Presented by Mr. Panagiotis Papantoniou



> Presentation of the UTC project and UTC Call

Antoine CLEMOT, Project officer of CODATU


> Thibaut DESCROUX Project Manager in urban planning and mobility in Lyon City Planning Agency

Presentation of the innovative approaches to urban mobility planning in Europe / Med Area


> Francesca Liguori,   ARPA Veneto - Regional Agency for Environment Protection in Veneto - “Treviso suburb requalification”

> Anastasia Poupkou, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - “Road axis redesign in Thessaloniki”

> Panagiotis Papantoniou, National Technical University of Athens - “Mobility Plans for University Campuses”

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