The REMEDIO project will hold its third seminar in Thessaloniki on May 22

The REMEDIO (REgenerating mixed-use MED urban communities congested by traffic through Innovative low carbon mobility sOlutions) project will host its third seminar, titled "Sustainable Urban Mobility: Confronting air pollution and climate change" in Thessaloniki on May 22nd (9 a.m. to 1 p.m.). The event, organised by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, will be hosted by the Metropolitan Development Agency of Thessaloniki SA. 

Three main topics will be addressed:

- Traffic-related pollutant emissions and air pollution

- Traffic-related carbon footprint

- Innovative urban mobility infrastructures

The speakers include local authorities, network of cities, and higher education institutions. 

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The first seminar of the REMEDIO project, “Non-motorised Transport and Transport Energy efficiency as challenges for road traffic congestion and air quality improvements in the Mediterranean Cities”, was held in Seville and saw the participation of the CAT-MED Community. Find out more here.

The second seminar, “Improved urban mobility systems for a high quality of life”, held in Split, gathered representatives from local and regional authorities from Croatia, Slovenia and Greece. Find out more here.