The Cyprus Energy Agency of Larnaca is participating in the Urban Transports Community's Mentorship Programme and benefiting from the experience of the pioneer Barcelona Metropolitan Area on the topic of soft mobility.

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Larnaca is located on the southeast coast of Cyprus and its population is estimated at 103.000 inhabitants. It is the third-largest city in the country and attracts a high number of tourists. The inhabitants are strongly car-dependent even if most trips are short in distance and duration. A 35% of the population claims to own a bicycle, but only 2% use it as a transportation mode. Five bike lanes of approximately 25km already operate in the City Centre and on the Coastal Front. The recent SUMP (2020) pointed out that those lanes are not connected to form a network and that they should be extended in order to encourage bike use and help the City in achieving sustainability goals related to CO2 emissions and mobility.   

Furthermore, the SUMP recommends the provision of bicycle parking spaces, the implementation of bike sharing systems, the creation of a bicycle parking structure for secure overnight storage in the proximity of the Larnaca Bus Station, shading of key bicycle paths. Overall, the SUMP bike plan is comprehensive but costly and the funding of its full implementation remains uncertain. However, a budget for the implementation of some of the SUMP measures will be shortly available (in part due to COVID funds). The Cyprus Energy Agency (CEA), thus, seeks technical assistance on the prioritization of measures related to the upgrade of Larnaca’s cycling network taking into consideration the citizens’ needs. The mentor will build on the experience of the emblematic BICIVIA project of Barcelona, Spain, in order to define the priorities and assist the City of Larnaca.

The mentorship program started in March 2021 and has included so far two meetings and several informal exchanges with the staff of the CEA Municipality, one meeting with external stakeholders, a peer-to-peer bilateral meeting with the representatives of the Pioneer City. The agenda, participants, and minutes of those meetings are attached to the present report. A first report on the ‘State of the art of bike lanes in Larnaca was completed’ in July 2021 and is also attached to the present. This report helped in the identification of the scope of the mentoring towards setting priorities in the progressive implementation of the new Larnaca’s cycling infrastructure. A first draft of the final replication and adaptation report was completed in August and will be finalized in autumn 2021. Communication activities are also planned for autumn 2021.