On 20th October 2020 / 14:30-15:30 / The Urban Transports and Sustainable Tourism Communities are organising an online workshop at the European Week of Regions and Cities dedicated to the solutions and tools developed by their projects on sustainable mobility in tourist destinations.

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This session will showcase the Urban Transports Community (UTC) catalogue of replicable solutions on sustainable mobility in the Mediterranean area. Local governments and mobility stakeholders from across the Mediterranean region will be briefed on the most recent trends and innovative measures ready to be replicated on soft mobility, car-pooling and shared mobility, data for smart traffic management and mobility in tourist destinations. Tourism and mobility will be at the core of the second part of the session, in which the UTC partnership and the Sustainable Tourism Community of the Mediterranean programme will unveil some of the most interesting practices being tested in the region, including cycling provision for tourists, integrated mobility planning schemes for tourists and locals and better management of tourist flows using big data.

The objectives are two-fold:

1/ To promote the tools both thematic communities are deploying to foster the transferability of concrete solutions on mobility and tourism; and

2/ To advocate for regional cooperation and showcase the tangible benefits it can bring for a positive policy-making change towards more liveable, green and accessible cities.


_ Oriol Barba, Director, Director, MedCities, Spain.


_ Cristina Núñez, Sustainable Tourism Community, Managing Director, NECSTouR, Belgium

_ Fabio Tomasi, Head of International Project Department, Area Science Park, Italy

Code: 20Pitch1542V

Format: Exhibitors' pitch

Theme: Green Europe

Organising Partners: CIVINET CY-EL, MedCities, POLIS - The Network of European Cities and Regions Cooperating for Innovative Transport Solutions, UNIMED Mediterranean Universities Union

Language: English (EN)

Virtual platform: Zoom

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