The Urban Transports Community will be at the 5th European Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans

The European Commission is organising its fifth European Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans in Nicosia, Cyprus on the 14-15 May 2018. The event is a forum for all those involved in SUMPs (policy-makers, academics and representatives) and in putting them into practice 

The Urban Transports Community will be in Nicosia to host a parallel transfer session on May 14th from 12 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. together with the SUMPORT, LOCATIONS & REMEDIO projects. The purpose of this session is to present in a dynamic and interactive way the results of LOCATIONS, REMEDIO and SUMPORT, and to transfer their innovative planning strategies and approaches to other cities within and beyond the Mediterranean area.

The SUMPORT project focuses on port cities in the Mediterranean Sea which face common challenges due to their social, economic and geographic characteristics, and trends affecting their areas and is therefore centered  on their mobility system, which must adopt sustainable and innovative solutions to improve the citizens’ quality of life and contribute to the city’s attractiveness for tourists.

The LOCATIONS project has developed low-carbon transport plans (LCTPs) for cruise-related passengers and freight flows in 7 cruise destination cities including Trieste and Ravenna in Italy, Malaga in Spain, Lisbon in Portugal, Rijeka and Zadar in Croatia and Durres in Albania. The partners are now ready to disseminate their approach and solutions across the MED area.

The REMEDIO project aims to transform congested urban roads into ‘Horizontal Condominiums’ by applying a form of participatory governance and planning strategy that actively engages institutions, stakeholders and citizens with which the municipality can directly interact to improve multi-modal and low carbon mobility, freight logistics and environmental quality.

Further information on the Community's projects is available here.

To find out more and to view the complete agenda of the conference please click here.