A webinar organised by the Urban Transports Community

The Urban Transports Community aims to bring together different projects working on sustainable urban mobility. In the framework of the community building activities of the project, a webinar was organized on April 9 to consolidate actions and synergies among the different projects of the community .


The webinar was divided into two different timeslots. The first one involved all the modular projects as well as the general public, and focused on methodologies and indicators for urban mobility planning. The two main concepts were methodologies and study cases on C02 measurements for urban mobility planning and mobility planning and capitalization on university campuses, as illustrated by the CAMP-sUmp project.


The second part of the webinar was focused on the community’s participation to the Made in MED event, and involved the communication and capitalization officers of the modular projects.

The participants and presentations were as follows:

1.       GHG reduction estimation on UTC MPs’ SUMPs - Current status and issues. Expert: Francesco Amadio, Senior (Energy & Environmental Consultant,NRG.it)

2.       Case Study on sustainable mobility project GHG calculationExpert: Dott.sa Elena de Nicola, Senior Auditor & Consultant Bureau Veritas Italia Spa

3.       CAMPus sustainable University mobility plans in MED areas - Overview of the Project. Expert: Gilberto Dall'Agata, Fondazione Università Magna Graecia (Italy)

4.      Result from the SWOT and GAP analyses - CAMP-sUmp. Expert: Prof Panagiotis Papantoniou, University of Athens (Greece)

5.       Results on ACTION PLAN and ROADMAP for a sustainable mobility at campuses – CAMP-sUmp. Expert: Ing Alberto Regattieri, University of Bologna (Italy)