The Community organised a transfer session at the 5th European Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans

The annual European SUMP conference is a major event on sustainable urban mobility planning which attracts over 500 participants from all over Europe, including local decision makers, practitioners and academics. This year’s edition took place from 14 to 15 May in Nicosia, with a specific focus on planning for multimodality.

The conference offered a unique opportunity for the Interreg Med Urban Transport Community to promote its initial results and to transfer its innovative strategies and measures to other stakeholders in the Mediterranean area and beyond.

In coordination with LOCATIONS, REMEDIO, SUMPORT, MOBILITAS and MOTIVATE, GO SUMP capitalization partner EUROCITIES set up a dedicated ‘Transfer Session’ which consisted of three rounds of interactive ‘speed networking’ sessions, where participants had the opportunity to exchange in an informal setting with each of the modular projects, and to explore opportunities for learning and cooperation. A variety of topics were addressed, including cruise-related passengers and freight flows, participatory governance and planning, integrated modelling, impact of port traffic and seasonal demand and key performance indicators.

In addition, the CAMP-sUmp project – which came to an end earlier this year – had the opportunity to present its final results and recommendations as part of a session on SUMPs in small towns and neighbourhoods. The Urban Transport Community was also represented with a dedicated stand in the exhibition area, which gathered experts and materials from all the different modular projects.

The GO SUMP transfer session at the SUMP Conference in Nicosia was the first joint capitalization event of the Interreg Med Urban Transport and an important milestone of the project’s wider capitalization strategy. As a next important step, GO SUMP is now working on a first Results Analysis Report, which will be used to further showcase the achievements of all the modular projects.