The Urban Transports Community was at the Made in MED event

On the 18th and 19th of April, the Urban Transports Community took part in the Interreg MED Programme's Mid-Term event "Made in MED: Crafting the future Mediterranean" in Rome. 

About 800 people attended the event, which served as a platform not only for the different communities to broadcast their project results, but also as an occasion to network, both among and within communities, and to address key topics for the future of the Mediterranean, such as climate change, blue economy and inclusive growth.  

The two-day conferences included a permanent exhibition area, which allowed the projects to show the results achieved and interact with visitors. All the modular projects of the Urban Transports Community were present, and got the chance to work together as a whole in displaying the work done through leaflets, postcards and presentations. The MOTIVATE project presented the app it has developed, which allows citizens to track their journeys and subsequently be in charge of a virtual city, balancing various factors such as sustainability and efficiency. 

In order to explain the main topics of the Community to the visitors of the exhibition area, the Urban Transports Community presented a board game designed to represent the focus and areas of the modular projects. This included a university campus, a cruise ship, a freight ship, regular and electric cars, buses, bicycles… Visitors were tasked with designing their ideal transport solutions moving the items available, thus allowing them to visualize the different challenges at hand. 

As stated by Patrizio Bianchi, Regional Councillor of European political development, school, university, research and work at Emilia-Romagna Region:  “Quality of life in urban centres is becoming a big challenge”. That is why sustainability of cities, together with the challenges they bring in terms of mobility, was one of the themes addressed during this two-conference on the future of Mediterranean cooperation.