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The Urban Transports Community is deeply concerned about the current emergency and we hope that the recovery plans will be effective and based on sustainability, especially for the transportation sector which is key for returning to normal activities and preventing a further spread of the pandemics. In these troubled times it is crucial to keep exchanging knowledge amongst experts, practitioners and decision makers as much as possible, and for this we share with you some articles, analysis and webinars.

Discover here in the latest Newsletter of the Urban Transports Community, the upcoming webinars and opportunities in relation to sustainable mobility including inter alia:

  • Mobility, energy and climate change // Covenant of Mayors for Climate Change, 18 May, 11:00 – 12:30 
  • COVID-19 and climate change: Α tale of two crises // By Circle the Med Forum May 11th 2020 (15:00 Brussels time) 
  • European Climate Pact - stakeholder engagement open // by the European Commission 
  • Italian cities announce plans to maintain reduced car use after lock-down // by Eltis
  • The City of Barcelona transforms its urban mobility to adapt to the progressive exit from lockdown // by eSMARTCITY
  • Rapid Response: Tools for Cities // by National Association of City Transportation Officials
  • COVID-19: Keeping Things Moving // by POLIS Network

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