Webinar Series “Implementing Sustainable Mobility in the Mediterranean”: What to Retain? // October - November 2020

Between October 7th and November 25th, a series of webinars on the topic of “Implementing Sustainable Mobility in the Mediterranean” was organized. Here are some insights into some of the discussions.

This webinar series, that took place once a week between October 7th and November 25th, was part of the Urban Transports Community’s efforts to facilitate local mobility stakeholders and key players to join forces to foster sustainable mobility. These virtual discussions gathered local authorities, civil society organizations, universities, mobility planners, experts, and private companies. Throughout the different events and the focus on thematics ranging from electromobility to COVID’s impact on urban mobility ecosystems, key sustainable mobility strategies have been addressed and developed.

These webinars were also the occasion to discuss two interesting elements proposed by the Community: the recently launched peer-learning opportunity - the Sustainable Urban Transport Implementing Cities - and the newly published Catalogue of Sustainable Urban Mobility Solutions, a toolbox of solutions with the highest replicability potential (available in detail in the MedUrbanTools platform). Both of them touch upon the same mobility issues that were being addressed in the webinars such as soft mobility, shared mobility, traffic management or smart data, to only quote a few, and complemented the analysis and the options offered to the webinars’ participants.

You can learn more on every webinar by reading the summary that was made, accompanied by the video recording and the speakers’ presentations:

Webinar #1: How is COVID-19 reshaping the urban mobility ecosystems?

Webinar #2: Replicating Sustainable Mobility Solutions, Is It Really Possible? The Urban Transports Community’s Call For Replicating Cities

Webinar #3: Big data and ICT for smart traffic management

Webinar #4: Soft Mobility in Mediterranean cities

Webinar #5: Shared Mobility in Mediterranean Cities

Webinar #6: Mobility in Mediterranean Tourist Destinations

Webinar #7: Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning approaches in Mediterranean cities

Webinar #8: Electromobility: urban planning impact of technology trends

All the recordings are also available independently on the YouTube Channel of the Community here.