#6 _ Mobility in Mediterranean Tourist Destinations

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The Urban Transports Community aims to mainstream good mobility practices developed in the frame of the Interreg MED Programme. To achieve this goal, a series of thematic webinars will be conducted under the name “Implementing Sustainable Mobility in the Mediterranean”, addressing the 5 thematic focus of the urban Transport Community focus on the Mediterranean area: shared mobility, soft mobility, Data & ICT for smart traffic management, mobility in tourist areas and new planning approaches to mobility. The webinars will include presentations of concrete solutions developed by pioneer cities. Target audience are all public entities with competence in urban mobility, which are eligible to apply for participation in the public call.

The Webinar #6 is dedicated to "Mobility in Mediterranean Tourist Destinations". The keynote presentation will present the context of mobility in the Mediterranean Tourist Cities through the participation of Morten KABELL and Silvio NOCERA. Morten KABELL is the co-CEO of the European Cyclist Federation and former Copenhagen’s mayor for mobility and environment will insist on the importance of the planning for mobility in tourist destinations. Silvio NOCERA, Professor of Transport Engineering and Planning at the Iuav University of Venice, will share the results of an investigation, on the project MOBILITAS, and then try to analyze what is the link between tourism transport and climate change.

Planning for mobility in tourist destinations, requires significant focus on cooperation and governance, when attempting to balance challenges in the two sectors of Mobility & Tourism, particularly in order to achieve sustainable development, improved quality of life for residents and increased customer experience of tourists. Cycling can provide the answer to these challenges, and can play a key role in creating the right balance between the welfare of tourists and local population, the needs and uses of the natural and cultural environment and the development and competitiveness of destinations and their businesses.

City solutions featured 

Zadar County: Cycle-tourism improved by an App

Presented by Mr Paulo Sarić 

Ravenna Municipality: Low Carbon transport Plan in cruise destinations: Ravenna as a best practice 

Presented by Mr. Nicola Scanferla

Municipality of Rethymno : Electric mobility solutions for tourists and residents

Presented by  Mr. Vasilis Myriokefalitakis  and Ms. Natalia Kiriakopoulou



Antoine CLEMOT, Project officer of CODATU


Morten KABELL, former mobility and environment mayor of Copenhagen and Co-CEO of European Cyclist Federation 


“Tourism mobility in the Mediterranean city: Insights, perspectives and conclusions from the project MOBILITAS”, Silvio NOCERA, Professor of Transport Engineering and Planning in the Department of Architecture and Arts at the Università Iuav di Venezia


Paulo Sarić, Senior associate expert at  Zadra Nova Development Agency - “Cycle-tourism improved by an App”

Nicola Scanferla, Mobility Manager at Ravenna Municipality - “Low Carbon Transport Plan in Cruise Destinations”

Vasilis Myriokefalitakis and Ms. Natalia Kiriakopoulou, Rethymno Municipality - “Electric mobility solutions for tourists and residents”