The Municipality of Narni in Italy is benefiting, in the framework of the Urban Transports Community's Mentorship Programme, from the experience of the pioneer cities of Rethymno in Greece and Treviso in Italy on the topic of new planning approaches.

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In considering how to improve the mobility offer of a city, it may be possible to think that only a solution is possible. On the contrary, the sharing of experience with other peers can be beneficial to identify a wide range of measures and interventions and related levels of complexity of implementation. This is what is happening in Narni, a town located in the centre of Italy, which intends to take on a complex challenge: to bring closer to the city - metaphorically and literally speaking - the inhabitants of the Testaccio neighbourhood, located just over 2 kilometres from the centre. Narni stakeholders and the Urban Transports Mentors are collaborating with the representatives from the Municipality of Rethymno, a city that for several years has shown an excellent ability to use EU funds and attract investment to test and introduce sustainable mobility measures based on sharing and electric mode.

The Municipality of Narni cares about maintaining the beauty of the landscape, not only to ensure the well-being of its citizens, but also to attract tourists who love nature, culture and local folklore. That is why they would like to invest in an electric bike-sharing scheme covering different neighbourhoods, including Testaccio. Based on the experience and collaboration of Rethymno, which has worked on sharing systems for electric bicycles and e-scooters, e-shuttle services, and solar carports for parking and clean-energy recharging, the Mentor is analysing the various aspects of these services and assessing the potential transferability of them in the Narni area, in order to propose a range of solutions that can be implemented immediately or in the near future. The technicians at the Narni Municipality's mobility office are fully engaged in the process, and they are sharing their enthusiasm in this integrated planning exercise, of interest for the two cities representatives. Moreover, Testaccio is a residential area for many resourceful young people - potential future entrepreneurs - with a strong sense of community. The municipality wishes to collaborate and engage in a dialogue with the citizens through the establishment of a co-participatory governance. In doing this, Narni is being inspired by the concept of "Horizontal Condominium" implemented in Treviso and the related "I Love Strada Ovest In Classe A'' non-profit association, which aims to propose initiatives and opportunities in the field of sustainable energy and transport.