“Improved Urban Mobility Systems for a high quality of life" - Join the Seminar organized by REMEDIO project in Split

The REMEDIO Project will hold a seminar in Split on improving urban mobility on the 23rd of November

23rd November 2017, Split, Croatia.

The 2nd seminar of the INTERREG MED project with the acronym REMEDIO and full title: "REgenerating mixed-use MED urban communities congested by traffic through Innovative low carbon mobility sOlutions", leaded by ARPA Veneto - Regional Agency for Environment Protection in Veneto Region will take place on the 23rd November 2017 at Split, Croatia (9:00 am to 13:00 pm). Click here to see the agenda. 

The title of the seminar is "IMPROVED URBAN MOBILITY SYSTEMS FOR A HIGH QUALITY OF LIFE". Invited speakers representing local/regional authorities (City of Split –Dalmatia county – Regional Education Information Centre for Sustainable Development in South-East Europe), networks (Agency for Sustainable Mediterranean Cities and Territories, CIVINET Slovenia-Croatia-South East Europe Network) and technical institutions (University of Split, Centre for Research and Technology Hellas) will address the following topics relevant with the sustainable urban mobility:

1. Intelligent transport systems

2. Improved urban logistics

3. Quality of life – Social issues.

The venue place of the seminar is the Park Hotel in Split, Croatia. The seminar is hosted by the City of Split while in charge of organization is the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. The participation of interested stakeholders and the public is welcomed so as to further strengthen the joint efforts for sustainable urban mobility planning in the MED area.

To register please send an e-mail for: remedio@split.hr

For more information, please contact Ivana Copot (Ivana.Copot@split.hr), Ana Maretic (ana.maretic@split.hr) or Anastasia Poupkou (poupkou@auth.gr).