How to rethink urban mobility in Mediterranean cruise destinations

Locations, from the Urban Transport Community, made very innovative presentations at the European Week of Regions and Cities 2018, in Brussels (8-11 October 2018). A board game version of the project, to interact with the visitors, and a sand live performance, have drawn the attention on the need to rethink urban mobility in cruise destination cities

(Rome, 30.10.18) Locations has been in Brussels in the week 8-11 October 2018, at the European Week of Regions and Cities 2018, an event that this year received about 6000 visitors. The project, was both at the stand that co-hosted the Interreg MED Programme (together with other transnational cooperation TNC programmes), during the 4 days convention, and on the stage on the 10 October, with a live presentation to show off and explain the contents of their pilot and capitalisation activity.

The consequences of mobility mismanagement in cities whose economies rely so much on sea, can be very dangerous if no measure is taken to counter arrest these risks”. This is one of the key messages of the 6 minutes performance, that Locations brought on stage during the #EURegionsWeek2018. A live presentation where the artist, with sand and light, designed the concepts presented by a background voice. In a very original and unusual live performance, Locations has presented the contents and the benefits of capitalising the piloted activity that is being realized currently in seven partner cities.

Locations, a modular project which involves 12 partners institutions acting in 7 cities from Albania, Croatia, Italy, Spain and Portugal, works on the decongestion of cruise destinations in Mediterranean cities, while promoting a larger use of innovative sustainable transport solutions, to improve the quality of life of both citizens and passengers. The main idea beyond the project is fostering a transnational cooperation while acting locally, that - according to the partners’ definition is possible “by merging highly relevant scientific know-how, technical skills and expertise, institutional capacity and extensive knowledge of local and sector ­specific contexts”.

The project is working through its partners to jointly develop a standardized, transnational, easily replicable operational model, capable of valorising each territory's expertise. The goal, as the representatives showed to the visitors of the #EURegionsWeek2018, is to create a streamline in supporting decision-making and elaboration of local sustainable mobility and transport tools, able to valorise the connections between city and port, locals and tourists. Besides, the presence of Locations, among the Interreg MED Programme co-funded projects, has contributed to make visible the specific issues tackled by the Urban Transports Community.

The #EURegionsWeek2018 has been the occasion to confirm the relevance for the EU to keep investing on cooperation among local entities at transnational level. The Interreg MED Programme is one of the 12 Transnational cooperation EU programmes that fosters the cooperativism between regions, thanks to the co-financement of the European Regional Development Fund - ERDF. This event lead by the European Committee of Regions and the many regional liaison offices in the capital of the EU , since 2003, gives the possibility for local entities to be in Brussels meet officials, national and regional organisms, and make tangible the outreach of the European funding at the most local levels and remote territories.

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