Better ways to move, better places to live: improving tourist mobility in Mediterranean cities

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Brussels (BE) 20-21 March 2019 // This year event is focused on transport in Mediterranean coastal areas, in partnership with GO SUMP Project, as a strategic axis for the sustainable development of the entire Mediterranean area.



The MED Urban Transports Community is approaching the end the of Interreg MED Programme funding, however the commitment of its Modular Projects’ partner organisations will last much longer. In this perspective the GO SUMP project, featuring the Community, is proposing two series of meetings and a communication laboratory to inspire and set the ground for future joint activities.

"Looking for Opportunities to Move Forward"

20th March - from 14:30 to 18:30

Regione Puglia, Rue du Trône 62, 1050 Brussels

The MED Urban Transports Community is invited to the discover funding opportunities offered by the Horizon Europe framework programme, with a focus on Mediterranean cooperation and transport. This meeting is organised in cooperation with UNIMED – Mediterranean Universities Union during its “UNIMED Week in Brussels”, an annual event where representatives of associated Mediterranean universities meet the most relevant EU Commission’s DGs of international cooperation in the field of research and education. This series of meeting will be followed by a “Strategic Communication Working Group Laboratory” animated by the GO SUMP Communication Team, to address strategic communication issues such as the GDPR and to set the ground for joint actions after the Interreg MED Programme funding.

"Improving Tourist Mobility in Mediterranean cities"

21 March - from 9:00 to 11:00

Hotel Leopold, Rue Luxembourg 35, Brussels

On the 21th March from 8:45 to 11:00, Eurocities, GO SUMP partner responsible for capitalization activities, has organised a networking breakfast followed by a debate with Brussels-based stakeholders of sustainable urban mobility in the Mediterranean region and representatives of major European cities. The MED Urban Transports Community will have the opportunity to get insights and to exchange ideas on mobility issues specific to tourist areas with main EU Commission’s DGs and stakeholders such as: European Cyclist Association, Polis - Cities and Regions for Sustainable Transport, UITP - International Association of Public Transport, ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability… just to name some.

We have designed this meeting to set the ground for future joint actions, therefore we look forward to your active participation!

See you in Brussels on 20-21 March 2019.

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