#8 _ ELECTROMOBILITY: urban planning impact of technology trends

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The mobility sector plays a key role in the transition toward a sustainable development, that represents the goal of the European Green Deal strategy. In contrast to other sectors, mobility seems to be lagging behind in its decarbonization process: it is the only sector  that has increased its climate-altering emissions since 1990. But finally, with the new  Energy and Climate Plan, and the recent proposal of a new European Law on climate, adequate macro-objectives have been set out in the EU. To reach these ambitious goals, clear tools, available options and systematic planning need to be identified, tested, and  spread for replication. The decarbonization of the mobility sector, therefore, requires a  deep transformation, destined to open up new competitive scenarios and business  opportunities. 

The objective of the event is to explore and shed lights on electromobility as a cleaner,  alternative urban mobility option, able to lead the green transition of our cities in the vast  Mediterranean area. The webinar will be the occasion to present the findings of a foresight  analysis on connected electric vehicles: their strengths, vulnerabilities and driving trends  for the upcoming future. 

Expected results of the session  

We will explore how cities are facing the issue deriving from the impact that an increasing  number of recharging EVs can have on the energy network and how arising technologies  can allow multiple actors to take advantage of energy storage opportunities. 

We will discover how things are moving around the MED area: which key players are  supporting the uptake of electric mobility solutions in the cities and how their role can be  better framed in order to transform alternative fuel into concrete benefits for citizens.

In addition, public and private recharging options, electrification of urban PT, and e-car sharing services for public administration will also be the base for considerations to  stimulate an open debate.


9:30 – 9:40 OPENING & WELCOME 

Mr. Fabio TOMASI, Projects Development Office Manager at Area Science Park (IT)


Technology trends and perspective in e-mobility planning over the next 5 to 10 years.

Ms. Barbara MONACO, Technologist at Area Science Park  

Mr. Marco SLAVICH, Research Fellow at Area Science Park  

Q&A session 


/ Implementation of the MED EnerNETMob project in the Arrábida area and challenges  with energy storage. 

Ms. Cristina DANIEL, Executive Manager at ENA Energy and Environment Agency of  Arrabida (PT) 

/ Electric car-sharing for public administrations: the project NOEMIX as a case study.

Ms. Laura CHESSA, Project Manager at Area Science Park  

/ Roadmap for the development of electromobility, on the example of the Krk Smart Island  project. 

Mr. Vedran KIRINČIĆ, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Engineering, Department of  Electric Power Systems - University of Rijeka (HR) 


Moderates: Fabio Tomasi