Webinar #3: Big Data and ICT for Smart Traffic Management

During this webinar, that took place on October 21st, 2020 in the framework of the Urban Transports Community Webinar Series, concrete replicable examples of how data related to mobility can be used for a better management of mobility and improve citizens' quality of life were displayed and discussed among participants.

A huge quantity of data related to mobility is generated every day in cities and the potential for fine tuning mobility and providing real time information for citizens is enormous. This webinar featured discussions on this topic of big data and its importance for the management of sustainable urban mobility in Mediterranean cities. Experiences from three modular projects of the Community (SUMPORT, MOBILITAS and MOTIVATE) were also shared during this webinar.

Ivana Štrkalj, from the Municipality of Koper and representative of the SUMPORT Project presented the Traffic Information System in place in Koper, Slovenia. She stated that “there are 3 pillars on which Koper relies to increase its sustainable mobility: a smart city community strategy, an integrated transport strategy SUMP and a traffic information center.” Koper has inter alia implemented live tracking of public transport traffic, built an integrated Information center, created a mobile app to inform about parking slots in the city and established sensors and information boards for public transportation and actions for awareness of users. There is a long term engagement of the city to serve the citizens, to help them adopt public and sustainable modes with the perspective of later on upgrading it for tourists.

Valentina Ridolfi, from the Agenzia Piano Strategico Rimini and representative of the MOBILITAS Project presented the big data analysis realized in Rimini and Misano. She highlighted the fact that “working with big data allows us to better understand if the actions on sustainable mobility are in line with the strategies of the SUMP. It allows gathering data on mobility and monitoring the trips by large numbers of people such as during the ECOMONDO Fair and the Misano Adriatico MotoGP in 2018.” The analysis of data was done around these two key events, to analyse how to better adapt the transport offer in the region. The Telephone localisation data was particularly relevant for this.

Eleonora Ercoli, representative of the MOTIVATE Project shared some insights on the Public Transport & Evaluation APPs Integration in Siena, Italy: “In Siena, MOTIVATE functionalities have been included in the city’s public transports services and added as an extension of the already-existing TIEMME portal. The MOTIVATE platform allows to evaluate users' feedback on public transports services, to collect data and to serve as a tool for SUMP development and monitoring.” The app shifted the focus from passive source of data to pro-active contribution of users who provide feedback on the transport services and possible new measure to implement the SUMP.

Zoi Christoforou, from CIVINET CY-EL, concluded the webinar by stating that “the upcoming challenge is to move from smart data to the smart use of data, taking into consideration the five V: Volume - huge amount of data, Variety - various formats, various sources, Veracity - inconsistencies & uncertainty, Velocity - high data accumulation speed, Value - useful data”.

You can watch the video recording of the webinar here.


09:30 --Welcome, presentation of the useful links for the call -- Mr. Christos Gioldasis, CIVINET CY-EL

09:40 --Traffic Information System @Koper, Slovenia -- Mrs. Ivana Štrkalj, Municipality of Koper, SUMPORT Project // Presentation & Q&A

10:00 -- Big Data Analysis @ Rimini and Misano, Italy -- Mrs Valentina Ridolfi, Agenzia Piano Strategico Rimini, MOBILITAS Project // Presentation & Q&A

10:20 -- Public Transport & Evaluation APPs Integration @Siena, Italy -- Mrs. Eleonora Ercoli, MOTIVATE Project // Presentation & Q&A

10:40 -- Use of data and ICT for smart traffic management - Mrs Zoi Christoforou

11:10 -- Open discussion

11:25 -- Closing, presentation of the useful links for the call -- Mr. Christos Gioldasis

11:30 -- End